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Saturday, October 1st was the day of the Scott Kelby World Wide Photo Walk 2016 () and as the one in Fresno was in an area I'd sooner not leave my car, especially loaded with camera gear, I chose to head north and drove up to Merced, to join the walk organized by the Merced Camera Club.

I met them in the parking lot of the Applegate Zoo at 6:45 AM and we headed off along Bear Creek for a little over 2 hours.  Saw much more than I expected to and got shots of Herons, egrets, ducks, squirrels, kittens and even an old TV!  The was a model shoot with a model purloined from UC Merced and plenty of homeless if that's what you wanted to shoot.  The walk Culminated with a behind the scenes tour of Applegate zoo.

I loaded myself down with both camera bodies, toting my 24-70 and 75-300 lenses.  Was surprised by the variety of shots I got and chose one to enter into the photo competition of the day.

Sunlight Star Burst

From there I headed over to the San Luis and Merced Nature reserves.  The Sandhill Cranes have started arriving, though not yet in large numbers.  I shot until after sunset and got a variety of animals on record, mostly water fowl, Tule Elk and a few Mule Deer.

Wading Killdeer Sand Hill Cranes in flight.

A fun day and made a good start to my plans to shoot more moving forward!


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