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My aim is to finally start posting to this site on a regular basis, which means shooting for myself on a regular basis!

I just returned from an 11 day trip up the California and Oregon Coasts and time in and around Portland, Seattle, and Medford.  For a change I took  less of my Camera Gear, leaving a few lenses at home and restricting myself to one camera backpack, rather than that and another camera bag. Didn't go out of my way to shoot a lot, but did end up with around 500 shots.  They are split pretty evenly between landscapes and nature.

After a quick glance through I don't feel there is anything spectacular but there is some that I definitely like.

Grizzly Brothers is the first of my uploads from the trip, two male grizzlies, very fat for winter hibernation.  They were shot in a Safari park, not the wild.

Grizzly Brothers - Got it licked


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