Merced Nature Reserve
 October 11, 2016 22:42      Comments: 0    

We were back at the Merced Nature reserve this past weekend and there are more Sandhill Crane's than the week before, plus a few geese had arrived, though they aren't expected in numbers for a few more weeks. 

Getting the hankering for some image stabilized glass, my old 50-500mm Sigma isn't stabilized and even on a tripod it's hard to get sharp images at the distances i was shooting.

It's easy to get to the Reserve from 99, just take Sandy Mush road around 13 miles west and (...)

Scott Kelby World Wide Photo Walk 2016
 October 05, 2016 11:59      Comments: 0    

Saturday, October 1st was the day of the Scott Kelby World Wide Photo Walk 2016 () and as the one in Fresno was in an area I'd sooner not leave my car, especially loaded with camera gear, I chose to head north and drove up to Merced, to join the walk organized by the Merced Camera Club.

I met them in the parking lot of the Applegate Zoo at 6:45 AM and we headed off along Bear Creek for a little over (...)

Oregon, Washington and the NW.
 September 24, 2016 09:01      Comments: 0    

My aim is to finally start posting to this site on a regular basis, which means shooting for myself on a regular basis!

I just returned from an 11 day trip up the California and Oregon Coasts and time in and around Portland, Seattle, and Medford.  For a change I took  less of my Camera Gear, leaving a few lenses at home and restricting myself to one camera backpack, rather than that and another camera bag. Didn't go out of my way to shoot a lot, but did end up with around 500 shots.  (...)

Added a Slideshow function.
 January 22, 2015 09:05      Comments: 0    

I have enabled a slideshow function so images can be viewed automatically.



New Gallery Software
 January 06, 2015 23:11      Comments: 0    
I've been using Coppermine Gallery for around 10 years to display my images and finally wanted something a little easier to navigate for users, easier to modify for me and a little more dynamic. After some research I decided on ZenPhoto, the site you see before you! Craig.
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